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Give Families a Financial Roadmap

Leverage the proven steps that can lead your clients from debt and foolish spending to financial discipline, security, and wealth.

a financial  Success framework

The 7 Money Milestones give you a system to guide families to financial security and independence.

With the Milestones, The HowMoneyWorks education becomes action. With this easy-to-follow, step-by-step system, you can help anyone get their financial house in order. The Milestones system is most effective when clients work together with you—their financial professional.

The 7 Money Milestones

1. Financial Education

2. Proper Protection

3. Emergency Fund

4. Debt Management

5. Cash Flow

6. Build Wealth

7. Protect Wealth

The first Milestone to get is a financial education. This critical starting point gives your clients the foundational knowledge they need to make purchasing decisions about financial products and services with confidence.

– Tom Mathews

The 7 Money Milestones are core to the entire
education and marketing system.

The Book

The Milestiones make up half of HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being a Sucker.

The Courses

The Milestones are taught throughout the education presentations.

The Marketing

Email campaigns, videos, and social media posts help you promote the Milestones.

The Websites

Your website includes an introduction of the Milestones and an overview of each.

4 Ways The 7 Money Milestones
Help You Grow Your Business

Proven System

The Milestones give you the power of duplication to create confidence, trust, and faster decision making. with clients.

Increased Sales

The Milestones lead clients to logical conclusions about the products and services they need and you recommend.

More Referrals

The Milestones are easy for clients to share with family and friends, which prepares them to work with you.

Client Loyalty

The Milestones help connect you with your clients for years to come as you cellebrate each accomplishment.

Proven Success

The 7 Money Milestones system has been used by thousands of financial professionals to build six and seven figure businesses all across North America.

New Standard

With over 500,000 books sold and more than 125 national TV appearances over the last year, HowMoneyWorks is becoming a household name.

Add the 7 Money Milestones to your strategy for guiding families to financial security and independence today with HowMoneyWorks Pro.

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