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David & Toni B.

Fairfax, VA

“TheMoneyBooks Pro gives me a way to engage the public with an education first approach. When I empower families to make money decisions, everything goes smoother across the client process.”

Samuel & Abigail T.

Annapolis, MD

“My wife and I use TheMoneyWorks Pro as a duplicatable education and marketing system for our entire team of financial professionals. It's all done for us, so we just have to train educators and set them loose.”

Catherine N.

Sacramento, CA

“I share the HowMoneyWorks book, invite people using the funnel pages, conduct seminars with the presentations provided, follow up with the included emails, and set appointments. It's paint by numbers easy for me.”

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3 Major Advantages

World-Class Education

The best way to help families make decisions about their personal finances and their future is to start by giving them an education. By giving value first, you create a student-educator relationship that builds trust, collaboration that leads to new levels of prosperity for families, and higher levels of income for your business.

Technology-Enabled Marketing

TheMoneyBooks Pro system combines a brand designed for an underserved market, content that speaks to their needs, and technology that enables you to approach, awaken, and attract them. Use pre-created content you can send and share via emails, social media, videos, text, the web, and Zoom to transform contacts into students and students into clients.

The Power of the Press

The book HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being a Sucker has been featured on over 120 national TV programs and has been the subject of articles in high-profile publications, like CNBC’s ‘MakeIt.’ With an exposure to over 50 million viewers, TheMoneyBooks is fast becoming a household name. This is a big advantage as you leverage the credibility of the TheMoneyBooks brand for yourself as a financial educator.

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Top-Selling Financial Books

HowMoneyWorks: Stop Being a Sucker and HowMoneyWorks For Women: Take Control or Lose It, are changing lives across North America by changing financial literacy one family at a time.

“If you want to secure the future for yourself, your children, and grandchildren this book is a must.”

Verified Purchase

“If you want to secure the future for yourself, your children, and grandchildren this book is a must.”

Verified Purchase

“The book also covers the 7 Money Milestones and shows you exactly how to create and protect your wealth and assets.”

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Over 120 National TV Appearances

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